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Get To Know Us

We are job seeker ambassadors here to help conquer one of life’s greatest challenges; the infamous ‘job hunt’.


Who We Are 

Our Belief

At JOBSHIFT, we’ve taken on the challenge of helping job seekers all across the country. We believe there is a particular way to job search; a strategic step by step approach where job seekers can stop hunting and start strategizing.

Our Essence

At our core, we are driven to bring hope back into the minds and hearts of job seekers. We wish for job seekers to be informed, practiced and prepared for their job search.

Our People

We are a bunch of former job seekers, business owners, employers, recruiters, staffing professionals, and employment market experts who tirelessly monitor the job market and the science of human behaviour to provide relevant, on trend and accurate information, tools and strategies for the JOBSHIFT ecosystem. 

Our Mission

To empower all job seekers – from unemployment to employment - and every step in between.

Our Story 

Creating a tool for everybody – no matter who you are or what you do.

JOBSHIFT was founded in 2020 to help support the millions of workers in Canada affected by COVID-19. The wave of job loss was unprecedented and with a skyrocketing unemployment rate, job seekers by the thousands flooded the job market.


We had to do something.


JOBSHIFT grew out of a desire to support and empower job seekers by breaking down the job search process with the right information, tools and strategies.


Our Purpose


Job Seeker’s Biggest Challenges

JOBSHIFT is a central hub for job seekers that takes you through a holistic step-by-step approach to navigating the job market. Job seekers are empowered through actionable insights, exercises, tips and information all aimed at developing and improving your job search strategy. JOBSHIFT was created to help you stand out in the crowd.

Job seekers flock to the internet looking for help but don’t know which information is relevant or how to succeed in this competitive job market.

Technology and automation have changed the way companies hire. Job seekers have to get past robots, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Job seekers are competing with thousands of applicants and do not know how to differentiate themselves, customize their approach or strategize on how to find a job.


Job Seeker’s Biggest Challenges

“Technology, automation, algorithms, process improvements, and increased competition are just some of the hurdles job seekers face today!"


Sharlene Massie, Founder


Corporate Citizenship


JOBSHIFT is a tool for everybody – no matter who you are or what you do.

We support non-profit organizations that work in service to people and their challenges. Empowering job seekers goes above and beyond JOBSHIFT; it is about supporting communities and helping people thrive.

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