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Extra Resources for your Job Search Journey

While looking for a new job you can experience all kinds of twists and turns.  Linear is usually not most peoples experience.  

The team at Jobshift is collecting additional free resources here in the Jobshift blog.  

Career Counseling Calgary

What is Career Counseling and How Can Jobshift Help?

JOBSHIFT was created to help people with the job hunting process.  At JOBSHIFT, we’ve taken on the challenge of helping job seekers all across the country. We believe there is a particular way to job search; a strategic step by step approach where job seekers can stop hunting and start strategizing.

Career Counseling can still be a beneficial tool, but we believe JOBSHIFT is a great place to start.  

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Job Hunting for Introverts

Do you consider yourself an introvert? 

Or at the very least have a difficult time communicating effectively in front of new people, or multiple new people at the same time?  This can be a significant hurdle for many job searchers.  

We found some tips and strategies for you.  

It doesn't have to be a limiting factor, check out our article on jobsearching for Introverts.  

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"How Do You Stay Organized?" Interview Question

Interviews can be difficult, they can also be the gateway to a new job and new opportunity.  Although there is no standard format for interviews they do generally follow a set of guidelines and best practises.  

If you are applying for a job that requires a high level of administration and organization the question of how do you stay organized will definitely come up.  We have some tips and advice on how to communicate an effective and interview crushing answer. 

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What Does Bonded Mean on a Job Application?

Are you looking for work and seeing bonded?

Certain roles in a company may require that you be bonded in order to fulfill your responsibilities. However, for those who are applying to the position, it may be confusing to try and understand what this means and what it requires. What does it mean to be bonded, anyway? Read on to find out.

Click the read more button to see our boned guide  

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How To Dress For a Job Fair

When you are looking for work there are a couple of avenues you can use to find opportunities.  Some of the options you have are, you can search the web, you can use a job placement agency like About Staffing , or you can go to a job fair.  

If you are going to go to a job fair you may be asking, "What should I wear?" Although it will depend a little on the type of job fair you go to we have some tips, tricks and best practises for you.  

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How to Deal with Job Hunting Depression

Job hunting can be exhausting and really challenge your mental health 

At Jobshift, we know this and it is one of the main reasons that we built this course.  We wanted to equip people to not only find a great job, but be completely confident during the process.    

We found some tips and strategies for you.  

Check out this article.  

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How to Follow Up on a Job Application

So you have sent in your application...amazing.  However now what

Part of the process of getting a new job is making sure you put your best effort forward, and stay committed to being the candidate that the employer wants.  

There are some simple do's and don'ts when it comes to follow up. 

Read the article for more.   

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How to Prepare for a Culture Fit Interview

So you have applied and had an interview, and now the company wants to interview you specifically for cultural fit.   

Remember that this isn't just about them assessing you, it is also about you seeing if they are a fit for you.  These types of interviews are critical for everything about the job other than salary.  

We go through all the things that you should look for, and the questions you should ask. 

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Conversational Interview

Many people may not realize that there is more than one type of interview; in fact, there are several types of interview style, and some are more common than others.

One such interview style is the conversational interview, which may come as a surprise when in the interview room. Typically, the conversational interview process does not even involve actual questions!

However, interviewers are still able to learn a lot about candidates during this process.  Read on to make sure you are ready for this type of interview. 

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What is a Contingent Worker?

When you are job hunting there are many different terms and titles that you will see, and need to understand.  There are also lots of different positions and job descriptions, and navigating these will be critical towards your success.  

One of these is a contingent worker .  These types of positions are usually temporary or on a contract basis for a specific project or period of time.  Typically they are different than employees , although a contingent worker could turn into an emoplyee.  

If you are applying for a contingent worker position check out our article to make sure you understand what it is and what you need to know going into a job interview, job placement or if you are accepting a job offer.  

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What is the Difference Between a Contingent Worker and a Contractor?

Contingent workers and contractors have some similarities and some differences.  They also, depending on the type of work you are looking for can have pros and cons. 

Neither type of role will typically come with a salary, but often a contingent worker has their renumeration set by the employer or the hiring company.  The difference for independant contractors is that they set their own rates.  

Check out our article to get a better understanding so you know what you are applying for during your job search.  

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What is Per Diem Employment

Not all employment opportunities are the same, but each of them have their place in the market.  This is especially true when you are looking for a permanent position with a company. 

During this time you can keep your monthly budget at a good place with different types of temporary work and per diem work .  

Per diem work is typically paid out by the day, and is a short term role to fill in for a full time employee.  

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