Expert Contributors

Jobshift is a personalized online learning program.  The program is focused on building specific skills so your job search becomes more strategic and successful. The tools and courses in Jobshift are designed for job seekers who recognize that they need an actionable plan to market themselves in this highly competitive environment.

In order to build the best program we could we wanted to bring in some specific experts.  The experts included in the program gave their best, and it really enriches the content. 

We wanted to share a brief profile on each expert, and share a little bit of what they add to the program.  

Sleep Culture Co


Sleep Culture

Your partner in creating a sleep-first culture. 

At Sleep Culture, we believe that optimal health, happiness, and success can only be achieved through proper sleep.

Sleep Culture delivers preventative healthcare and education that promotes positive sleep behaviours to support mental health, wellness and to mitigate the risks of fatigue by making sleep a priority.

Sleep is critical to success, especially during the job searching phase. 

Expert (Shift 2) - Marlee Boyle is a Registered Respiratory Therapist who is certified in Clinical Sleep Health. She specializes in sleep disorder breathing & insomnia treatment with over 10 years experience in the field of sleep.

Grassroots Medicine


Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine


Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine was born from a labour of love and a passion for delivering patient-centred care.  

We are an established, full-service health clinic focused on providing exceptional and compassionate care to patients of all ages and health concerns.

Our patients have access to a wide range of diagnostic services and treatment options.

Expert (Shift 2) - Dr. Kyley Hunt ND - Kyley shares her insight regarding stress and stress management.  The job search process can be challenging, but taking care of yourself is very important.  


Tara McCool Co


Tara McCool Consulting

Compassion is Every Great Leaders Superpower

Leading people is a complex gift; All your employees have individual working styles, dreams and motivations. But the one leadership quality every type of employee responds to is the power of COMPASSION. I will help you connect the dots on how compassion will increase productivity and improve business results. 


Expert (Shift 5) - Tara McCool - Tara gives her top tips on nailing the job interview.  Her broadcasting and professional background gives her a ton of insight into interviewing, communication and confidence...and she does it all with compassion.

Habitat for Humanity


Habitat For Humanity Southern Alberta

Gerrad Oishi

With the help of sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers, we build homes alongside future homeowners to provide a solid foundation for better, healthier futures.

Families purchase their homes with no down-payment and no interest, and mortgage payments never exceed more than 25 percent of each family’s total household income.

Since 1990, we have partnered with more than 300 families across southern Alberta, affecting the lives of more than 900 children.

Expert (Shift 6) - Gerrad Oishi - Negotiating a job offer can be tricky, Gerrad gives us his best advice for the process.  Learn how to maximize your communication and negotiating skills.  


Better Business Bureau

Mary O'Sullivan-Andersen

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private organization that provides the public with information on businesses and charities. It also handles consumer complaints about firms. The nonprofit bureau has developed a rating system for businesses based on a scale of A+ to F.

Expert (Shift 4) - Mary O'Sullivan-Andersen - Mary talks to us about finding the right fit, not just from a salary perspective, but also from a relational and fit perspective.  

The Tower Group


The Tower Group

Pam Lavers and Kelly Taylor


We believe in creating strong communities rooted in sustainable wealth by investing in our clients and the places they call home.

Our definition of sustainability includes supporting the world of our clients – their homes, businesses, communities, charitable cause and family legacies.

Over the years, we have participated a variety of causes that are important to us and to our clients.

Expert (Shift 1) - Pam Lavers and Kelly Taylor - Pam is a certified financial planner, with a wide range of complimentary skills and co-founder of the Twoer Groups Wealth Creation System.  Kelly Taylor is alspo a certified financial planner and co-founder of the Tower Groups proprietary Wealth Creation System.  

In the support section of module 1 these two experts share on how to increase your financial stability during a job change or unexpected employment adjustment.  If you are without work, and looking for work this is a great resource to help maintain your financial responsibilities during that time.  

Perlinger Group Benefits


Perlinger Group Benefits Ltd

Joe Perlinger

Employee Benefits

With over 30 years of experience, Perlinger Group Benefits can provide group health insurance plans for small and medium-sized businesses that enhance the quality and status of your company.

Our primary objective is to establish a long term relationship with our clients through our unparalleled customer support, exclusively customized group medical insurance plans, proprietary large block concept, and a wealth of market knowledge. We function with uncompromised integrity, striving to keep our customers as the central focus of everything we do.

Expert (Shift 6) - Joe Perlinger - Joe shares insights into what you can expect through employee benefits.  

Core Data


Core Data

Victor Lee

Onbaording New Employees 

CoreData is in the business of supporting your business.   We succeed when your IT systems run smoothly and you use technology to your advantage.   

CoreData’s team consists of experienced network engineers, computer scientists and IT specialists.   For over 18 years, we’ve hired top-tier engineers and technologists, so you get the best possible advice and support.

CoreData is your partner in innovation.  We are a leader in the industrial and business automation along with the integration of business and industrial systems (IT/OT convergence).

Expert (Shift 7) - Victor Lee - Victor shares a recent experience where his company onbaorded a new intern.  He speaks to the relationship side of integrating new people.  

Evolved Metrics


Evolved Metrics

Chris Massie

Cover Letters and Resumes

Evolved Metrics offers people services, process services and a client relationship management (CRM) tool designed to be set up in an hour, integrated effectively with your core business applications, and not a pain to use.

From strategic planning and process automation to talent development and corporate culture, we evolve companies.

Our goal is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with advice, technology, and processes that generate 10x returns.

Expert (Shift 4) - Chris Massie - Chris shares his insights on creating a resume and cover letter that not only gets attention, but communicates a clear and proper message to the person hiring. 

Panther Power Corp


The Panther Power Corporation

Shamir S. Ladhani, P. Eng., M.Eng

Mindset while Job Hunting

Shamir is an international speaker, leadership trainer and a senior management consultant serving clients in the energy, utilities, non-profit, and complementary health services industries.

He has helped CEOs and Business Owners grow their businesses, establish a solid strategy, enhance their relationships as well as create a robust tactical plan to achieve their personal and professional/business goals & objectives. He provides leadership training which combines two powerful evidence-based approaches: HeartMath(R) and Emotional Intelligence techniques. His approach is to first, focus on the individual’s mindset and self-limiting behaviors before setting his clients to purpose on achieving their goals and lead others.

Expert (Shift 2) - Shamir S. Ladhani - Shamir teaches on the idea of mindset, and what it means to not only identify midset issues, but to also work on shifting your mindset.  



Outlink Calgary

Emma Ladouceur, Director of Operations & Development

Calgary Outlink is a community-based, not-for-profit charity dedicated to providing support, education, outreach, and referrals for the 2SLGBTQIA+ and allied communities in Calgary, Alberta.

​There is no cost to access our services and programs.  

Bromwich + Smith


Bromwich + Smith

Taz Rajan, Community Engagement Partner

Mindset while Job Hunting

At Bromwich+Smith, our dedicated team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Debt Relief Specialists are committed to rebuilding your worth while helping you relieve the overwhelming financial burden you may be experiencing due to challenging financial times.

Debt takes a toll on more than just your finances. It steals confidence, time, happiness, and ultimately, self-worth. Bromwich+Smith will help you reclaim these things with the aim of restoring balance in your life.

Expert (Resources, Insights) - Taz Rajan - Taz talks about credit tips and the relationship of mental and financial health.

Expert (Shift 1) - Taz Rajan Taz teaches about the importance of tracking your finances and understanding financial literacy.

Expert (Shift 2) - Taz Rajan - Taz discusses emergency funds and setting goals for the future.