The Offboarding Solution for Compassionate Businesses


Support your staff on their next endeavour with a proper goodbye. 



Goodbyes don't have to be difficult.


JOBSHIFT is the missing piece to your offboarding program. It is an online learning platform aimed to support job seekers with the tools they need to shift from unemployed to employed.

Say goodbye the compassionate way; support your former employees with the gift of JOBSHIFT.




Leave an Everlasting Impression

Finding a job is overwhelming. Unemployment is high and competition is fierce. Job seekers need all the help they can get.


A Fraction of the Cost of Typical Offboarding Programs

JOBSHIFT is offered at an affordable membership price that supports job seekers for an entire year.


98% cost savings compared to traditional offboarding programs


An All-In-One Platform for Every Job Seeker

Through a seven shift approach, job seekers are empowered to stand out from the crowd by learning to better position themselves in the job market.

Help Shift the Future of Others

From terminations to downsizing and everything in between - we've got you covered.

JOBSHIFT'S extensive platform supports job seekers throughout the entire process of offboarding and beyond. It covers everything from their last day of employment through to their first few months of onboarding. 

Financial Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Job Search Strategies

Resume Optimization

Interview Strategies

Offer Negotiations & Onboarding

And much much more.



Shift The Future of Others