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"The job hunt is intimidating. I thought I was doing all of the right things but I wasn't getting any interviews. I know competition is fierce but I was confident with my skills and experience. After spending a few months on JOBSHIFT, I learnt so many new strategies and ways to stand out. It is jam packed with information and tools. I was amazed with what I didn't know."

- Sarah, former job seeker



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Full access pass to the JOBSHIFT Platform

The latest job market insights

Job seeker and job market trends

Customizable and actionable tips and strategies

Extensive resource library that ranges from budgeting, salary expectations through to onboarding

Access to dozens of downloads, exercises, worksheets

Financial Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Job Search Strategies

Resume Optimization

Interview Strategies

Offer Negotiations & Onboarding

And much much more.


Our Commitment


The employment landscape is forever changing with increasing unemployment and competition for jobs. We will continuously update our platform to provide you with the most relevant and current knowledge, skills, and resources to prepare you for your next SHIFT. 

Frequently Asked Questions

JOBSHIFT is an all-in-one e-learning platform designed for job seekers who would like to upskill their job search skills. JOBSHIFTers gain access to strategies, exercises, downloads and articles that cover every job search discipline. This includes resume and cover letter tactics, insights into applicant tracking systems, resume parsing, job boards, interview strategies, salary negotiations and much much more.

Give the gift of JOBSHIFT Bootcamp! From birthdays to graduations to offboarding employees, JOBSHIFT is a great gift option for your friends, family and colleagues. Show your support as they begin to conquer one of life's greatest challenges; the infamous job hunt.

JOBSHIFT is for everyone - regardless of occupation, seniority or industry. It helps to build the necessary job search skills everyone needs. From new grads to senior level executives and beyond, the platform is designed for everyone.

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