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JOBSHIFT is a personalized online learning program that focuses on advancing your job search skills for a more strategic and successful outcome. Our tools and courses are designed for job seekers who recognize that they need an actionable plan to market themselves in this highly competitive environment.

JOBSHIFT is for everyone. People who face barriers or who are underrepresented in the workforce, including newcomers to Canada, women, Indigenous job seekers, mature workers and people with disabilities, will find resources and strategies in JOBSHIFT specifically for them, as will those at risk of prejudicial mistreatment including racialized groups and members of the LGBTQ2sI+ community.

What's included:

  • Full access pass to seven-shift program that covers the entire job search process 

  • The latest job search strategies and job market insights   

  • Videos, interactive worksheets, interviews with experts, audio recordings as well as hundreds of strategies and tactics

  • A personalized resume builder and work hub to centralize your job search materials

  • Links to invaluable resources from across the country specifically for underrepresented groups in the workforce

  • Access to advice from top industry professionals


Search the Right Way
Develop a balanced job search strategy through search, social and networking sites.
Beat The System
Understand the technology that surrounds the application process.
Get Noticed
Understand how artificial intelligence, recruiters and hiring managers view your documents.
Ace an Interview
Learn how simple questions can convey certain observations about you.
Negotiate a Job Offer
Understand best practices and how to conduct yourself throughout the process.
Land a Job
Advance your job search skills and abilities to land a job in this competitive market.


“Anyone and everyone who is searching for a job would benefit from JOBSHIFT. It’s an absolute treasure chest jammed with job hunt jewels.”

Get noticed by standing out from the crowd.


A successful job search goes beyond a resume. Smart job seekers utilize the right strategies to get through the system. They leverage technology to their advantage and develop a job search approach that combines customization, direct targeting, social media presence, and networking.


Life is too short to be spent job hunting. Become a smart job seeker today and take the next steps to improving your job search outcomes.

Job Search Intelligence and Skills Development

Job search strategies from beginner to advanced.

Insights for Every Job Seeker

Customizable approach. From new grads through to executives.

Applied Learning Approach

Learning outcomes based on your needs and occupation.

Easily Accessible and Affordable Pricing

100% online. Easy to navigate. Pricing options for any budget and timeline.



“I've learned so much with JOBSHIFT! I feel much more confident in my job hunting, resume and interviewing skills.”



JOBSHIFT can help you transform the way you job search by advancing your job search skills with the latest job search intelligence.

Traditional Job Search Skills

√ Soft and Hard Skills

√ Resume

√ Cover Letter

√ Communication

Basic Job Search Skills

√ Search Engines

√ Social Media

√ Job Boards

√ Interviews

√ Offers

√ Networking

Advanced Job Search Skills

√ Resume Parsing

√ Smart Targeting

√ Researching Effectively

√ Applicant Tracking Systems

√ Artificial Intelligence

√ Hiring Algorithms

√ Interview Psychology

Be the competition.

Sharpen your job search strategy and skills.

Maximize your time and learn to navigate the job search process with JOBSHIFT. Get through the complex and technologically driven system of your job hunt. A job search strategy is going to be your competitive advantage.

You are competing against thousands of people for a single application.

Do you know if your application is getting through the artificial intelligence?

Is your application passing the 30-60-90 second recruitment scan?

Does your resume tell your career story in a way that gets you noticed?

Get through the system.

Standing out from the crowd is the key.

Competition is fierce and you are competing against thousands. Searching for a job is an overwhelming process that goes beyond resumes and applications. There are strategies to learn, tips to apply, and effective tactics to practice. 


Frequently Asked Questions

JOBSHIFT is an e-learning platform that develops the necessary skills in job seeking you need to successfully navigate the job search process. Today's job search is complex and technologically driven with many job seekers unaware of the strategies, tools and information that can help differentiate them in the marketplace. This is where JOBSHIFT comes in.

JOBSHIFT is an all-inclusive platform that covers everything a job seeker needs to better understand the job search process. It includes an extensive seven-step plan that covers resume and cover letter strategies, interview best practices, job board insights, resume parsing, applicant tracking systems, hiring algorithms and so much more.

JOBSHIFT is not an employment agency and cannot assist you in finding a job. It helps job seekers build and develop the necessary skills needed to successfully navigate the job search process.

JOBSHIFT does not guarantee employment. It is an all-inclusive learning platform designed to help job seekers navigate the job search process. JOBSHIFT was created to empower job seekers with more information to better position themselves in the job market.

JOBSHIFT is for everyone - regardless of occupation, seniority or industry. It helps to build the necessary job search skills everyone needs. From new grads to career changes and beyond, the platform is designed for everyone.

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JOBSHIFT was the recipient of the 2021 Spark Award for integrity in entrepreneurship, which recognizes business owners who demonstrate a higher level of character, generating a culture that is authentic about its mission, and connection with the community.

Sharlene Massie founded JOBSHIFT in early 2020 in response to the wave of job losses that were occurring as the result of the pandemic. Since then she has helped Canadians across the country by offering a personalized online learning program that focuses on advancing job search skills.