The Job Hunt

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Finding a job can be classified as one of life’s most significant changes; some may even say it is one of the most challenging. Gone are the days of having a lovely morning beverage in one hand and the classified section in the other. The infamous job hunt has evolved.  It is technologically driven, more competitive due to high unemployment, and requires a much stronger cup of coffee.




Today’s job market is a sensitive beast. There is a reason why they say looking for a job has become a full-time job. Global events, shifts in industries, and varying economic conditions are majorly affecting the type of positions available and the number of applicants applying. Competition between job seekers is tight due to high unemployment rates. Job seekers must navigate technology, robots, algorithms, recruiters, and hiring managers.




Job Seekers get caught up in what we like to call the Job Search Shuffle. They quickly update their resume and start applying on mass to every possible job posting. They wait, wonder, and wait some more, doubting why they haven’t received any communication or interview requests. Frustration and stress take over, and they repeat the Job Search Shuffle.




Having a clear strategy for your approach and plan of action are guaranteed steps to finding success in your job search.


√         Make sure you have a daily plan of action. Don’t just aimlessly search job boards.

√         Understand the whole job search process. It’s about more than just applying for jobs.

√         Know how to stand out from the crowd. This element will significantly increase your odds.

√         Figure out how technology has affected the application, recruitment, and hiring processes.


Job seekers need all of the help they can get. Like any other full-time job, they must become experts in employment, human resources, recruitment, and technology. Without the right information, tools, strategies, and tips – they will succumb to the Job Search Shuffle.


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